We are the last of the analogue and the first of the digital.

Between Boomers and Xers we stake our claim.

Stake was founded in 2017. The kids were finishing up college and life started to feel different. It was as if we could finally exhale. It felt good. Turns out a lot of us felt the same way. 

When we think about the way the world has completely reinvented itself, from the way we work to the way we communicate to the way we travel and even how we date…it’s unrecognizable from the way it looked when we came of age. 

So much has been written about the Boomers and while statisticians will count us among them, we are a unique cohort all our own. And if anyone asks you why? Tell them this. That upheaval, that reinvention of the world as we know it, that fell on us. No wonder we couldn’t wait to exhale.