Why join us?

Community. Belonging. Fun. Nostalgia. Having a say in the things that are meaningful to us – entertainment, finances, health.

Remember when we were kids and every week we’d start a new club? Things like ‘Banana Seat Bike Riders’ or ‘GI Joe Army’ or ‘Jumpsies and Double Dutch Kids.’ Well, when we started Stake we wanted to recreate the joy of coming together and having fun. We did it all the time as kids. Let’s do it again.

Back then there wasn’t much we had a say in (other than who was in and who was out of the club) but now there are all kinds of ways we can influence how the next chapter of our lives unfold. By bringing our voices together we can shape our future. Whether that’s better phone plans, travel options and fashion finds or much bigger things like healthcare, money stuff or retirement living. Don’t know about you but we don’t want to end up in a place that looks like granny’s living room! 

So please register your card if you have one and request one if you don’t. Soon we’ll be putting out a newsletter to keep you in the loop.